El Salama Radiator Factory has started in 1970 and established two manufacturing units in Dammam, several workshops and showrooms all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve every potential customer.

We manufacture and service wide range of Radiators, Heater Elements, Oil Coolers, Charge Air Cooler, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers,Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Condenser coils, Evaporative Coils and Steam Coils.

We supply, install and service boilers & calorifiers.

We re-condition automobile brakes and clutches.

Only superior quality raw materials are procured from worlds best quality suppliers.

To achieve and maintain total quality in our products, we have adopted ISO 9002 Quality Management.

Our product quality and production capabilities have led to NARSA membership.

Major Power Station, Petrochemical Industries, Saline Water Desalination Plants, Process Industies and Automobile workshops demand high quality and rely upon our experience and expertise to meet their demands.

We continue to update our process and equipment to take full advantage of the latest technology available to the industry, to ensure our customer receive the highest quality products they expect and to which El Salama Radiator Factory is committed.


    • We manufacture complete range of radiators and cores for cars, trucks, power generators, industrial and agricultural equipment.
    • All components are produced on state-of-the-art machines .
    • Pure copper corrugated and flat fins with louvers are used for .
    • In case of heavy-duty radiators, welded tubes are used for better strength.
    • All radiators are over designed to meet the desert weather conditions.
    • Every process is re-engineered to improve quality and productivity.
    •  All units are 100% leak tested.
    • If you have cooling problem, let us know to give youthe best solution .

  We manufacture lubricating & hydraulic oil coolers and air coolers for automobile and industrial applications.
The product range includes, single concentric tube type, shell and tube and flat fin type cores with seamless copper tube and louvered copper fins or complete aluminium.
We use cupronickel and marine-brass tubes for marine coolers.
We design and develop total cooling system for any given application.