Dijla poultry Farm was established in 1985 under the umbrella of Matar Ajab Al Baqmi, Co which originated in 1977 . The head office is located in an 1st industrial city in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , while the Farms stationed at Salasel Area , 80 kms far towards Riyadh city.

Since then , the company has been continuously in business ,concentrating mainly in broiler hatching eggs , broiler chicks & broiler production .Dijla poultry is committed to providing the highest products as with its dedicated technical staff and working force of over a hundred employees , the company has managed to be one of the leading producers of quality broiler hatching eggs and day-old chicks . Every care and possible attention is implemented to comply with all relevant Saudi Arabian legal and safety, and promotes customer satisfaction for long term mutual benefits

Dijla company , possesses high-tech poultry equipment and facilities , and managed by highly professional and experienced staff. This has contributed to the excellent performance & result of the company products to end-users , who consistently valued and appreciated this long-term business beneficial relationship.

We believe that , so far, we have carved a very strong niche in Saudi market and partially in the region . Our capabilities are still fuelled to meet our ambitions and expectations to lead the business activities in this competitive market and to share in the global demands at large.

" The Sequential Progress &Future Prospects".

A/ The Broiler Farms:
- 1998 : Witnessed the 1st expansion which raised the annual production by two fold increment from 560000 to 1230000 bird.
- 2000 : A 2nd elevation to an annual production of 2130000 birds was achieved.
- 2007 : A tangible 3rd expansion which is presently maintained, has raised our annual farms production to 3300000 bird.

B/ The Hatchery & Breeding Farms:
- 1994 : A hatchery with a capacity of 3600000 hatching eggs that relied on imported eggs was constructed.
- 2000 : An expansion almost tripled the facility of the hatchery to accommodate 12000000 hatching eggs.
- 2001 : Our Breeding Farms with a capacity of 9000000 hatching eggs have been established.
- 2006 : A target of 13500000 hatching eggs / year from our farms has been achieved.
- 2009 : A distinguished breakthrough in Dijla Breeding Farms has successfully amounted production to 21000000 hatching eggs per year
.2010: The company efforts has recently crowned by the acquisition of the International Performance Das Certificate , The Iso 2001 :2008 based on the fulfillment to the required mandate on quality and production environment.
This reputed certificate issuance, could only provide us with more trust and confidence for an ever increased dedication to put our company in the lead with regard to this sector.

C/ The Animal Feed Factory :
A new Feed Factory is currently under construction which is expected to start production in a few months. This modernly European style technology adopted factory, is planned to meet our farms demand and also to render quality feeds available to other poultry farms in the region. In addition to producing all types of large animal feeds. Although effort to raise Broiler production to 6000000 bird per year and the daily broiler hatching eggs to 200000 is currently underway, our future prospects in Dijla have constantly focused on successive development.

Dijla Poultry Farm produce the following products:

  1. Broiler Hatching Eggs.
  2. Day – Old Chicks.
  3. broiler chicken.

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